Remote working: Working from cafe, a success story.

Today I had a morning that was difficult to work from home. I was unable to focus, and it was creating an environment in which I was unable to efficiently or productively work. I found myself fleeting from task to task making no progress, and even to the point that when making a cup of tea, I ended up in the garden adding compost to my beloved Acer. So I had gone off the rails, and as a sufferer of impostor syndrome I started to get stressed, and this just made matters worse, as I knew that later I would be out of the house for a couple of hours on a family errand.  But this is where the success comes in, and I'm currently sitting in a cafe, with a good coffee on a lovely sunny day. In the first half hour, I feel I have completed more work than I did in my entire stress and anxiety filled morning, so much so that I decided to write this short post. We all have bad days. I improved today with a change of location.
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